The Internet is an immensely powerful tool that allows people an ability to communicate with each other on a scale that has never been seen before in the history of mankind. And yet, it seems like we rarely use this as much as we should.

The Intellectual Roundtable is an effort to try and do that. It tries to provide a platform for discussion among people who otherwise might not interact. Despite our differences, we should try and share with and learn from each other.

The primary vessel for learning will be the question. A question can be a powerful symbol, indicating not just the fact that there is something not known, but of a willingness to find out.

A question is intended to set the tone for a discussion, by showing an interest in your thoughts, your opinions, your experiences.

Ideally, each question should be about something that is universal, some thought or idea that we all share, but we don’t always think about or discuss with others. They would spark in us some self-reflection, thinking about our life, our world, our reality, our truth, and then each person can attempt to share that with others. There shouldn’t be one correct answer to any of these questions.

A question starts a discussion, but it is up to you to continue it. You are encouraged to think about each question, and if you have an idea about it, respond. You can respond to the question itself, or to other responses that might have been posted already.

The word “intellectual” in the title comes not because you need to be a scholar, or use some specialized vocabulary, but merely indicates your willingness to think about things, that is, to use your intellect.

“Roundtable” is designed to evoke a shared space, so that even if people having a discussion might be thousands of miles apart, of different class, or gender, or age, we are gathered together around a virtual table to discuss, share, and learn from one another.