Once a week, on Saturday, Michael and Lee each pick a favorite question from the repository of past questions. These questions are listed on the right-hand side of every page of the blog, and they are also featured in the weekly meeting they use to come up with the new questions for the week.

We’ve started recording those conversations and have turned them into a podcast. Please listen to these recordings (updated every Saturday) below. Podcast editing courtesy of The Podcast Journey.

February 13, 2021: In the final episode of our first season, Michael and Lee each weigh in on their chosen questions, ‘Are we too busy?’ and ‘What are our responsibilities to others?’

February 6, 2021: The week we discuss the questions, ‘What is one thing you feel the need to do every day?’ and ‘What is truth?’

January 30, 2021: ‘What are you willing to sacrifice?’ and ‘What do you believe?’ are under discussion by Lee and Michael in this week’s podcast.

January 23, 2021: The questions in this week’s podcast include ‘What gives a person value?’ and ‘What makes you you?’, as chosen by Lee and Michael, respectively.

January 16, 2021: This week, Lee poses the question, ‘Where does authority come from?’ while Michael asks, ‘What does your favorite music say about you?’

January 9, 2021: ‘How can we encourage debate?’ and ‘What is the value of inefficiency?’ are the two questions Michael and Lee explore in this week’s podcast.

January 2, 2021: In a longer-than-usual podcast of 36 minutes, we discuss the questions ‘Freedom or security?’ and ‘Is technology neutral?’

December 26, 2020: The questions tackled in this week’s discussion are ‘What makes a tradition?’ and ‘What are you optimistic about?’ It runs 27 minutes.

December 19, 2020: Our conversation in this 24 minute podcast surrounds the questions, ‘How can we maintain wonder?’ and ‘How do you think others see you?’

December 12, 2020: This week, we examine previous questions ‘How much of our thoughts are our own?’ and ‘How much is enough?’

December 5, 2020: In this nearly 25 minute conversation, Michael and Lee discuss the questions ‘Are science and religion compatible?’ and ‘What are you waiting for?’

November 28, 2020: Questions discussed on our third podcast include ‘How do you define success?’ as well as our most viewed question ever, ‘Is happiness the most important purpose of life?’ It runs 26 minutes.

November 21, 2020: The second podcast is nearly 28 minutes, and features a discussion of the questions ‘What book has had the biggest impact on you?’ and ‘How do you show thanks?’

November 14, 2020: The first podcast lasts about 25 minutes, and features a discussion of the questions ‘What beliefs do you have that might be wrong?’ and ‘What makes a place feel like home?’