Resolutions Or No Resolutions?

A new year brings talk of resolutions. The conventional wisdom, though, suggests these won’t last very long. Do you bother to make New Year’s resolutions?

Share why if you wish.

Resolutions Or No Resolutions?

1 thought on “Resolutions Or No Resolutions?”

  1. I do make New Year’s resolutions. Most of them are set to form good habits, and most of the time I am successful.

    They say that three weeks of discipline helps form a habit. So most of my resolutions are set with the goal of meeting quantifiable benchmarks for three weeks (not a year). I figure if I make it past the three-week mark, I can then get serious about turning something into a longer-term commitment.

    Can I commit to a three-week commitment to meditate every day? Yep, and I did last year. While I fell out of the habit for short periods of time in 2019, I was always able to get back into things because I knew how to make shorter-term commitments first.

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