Temporary Or Permanent?

Some things are naturally fleeting, while others last forever. Which is better than the other, something temporary or permanent?

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Temporary Or Permanent?

3 thoughts on “Temporary Or Permanent?”

  1. Is this a trick question? My yoga teachers used to tell me that “Everything is temporary.”

    Honestly, I’ll stick with temporary. Surprises (of kindness, gifts, etc.), jobs (usually), growth (i.e. personal and societal), cycles of life — these things are either temporary or show the temporary nature of things. They add to the spice of life.

  2. I prefer temporary.
    For the most part, and in most places, vegetable plants are annuals. Meaning that they complete their lifecycles in one season. I enjoy the temporary nature of the vegetable garden. It is very satisfying to have a hand in all the stages of growing from sowing the seed, through the harvest and into the break down of plant matter for the following year’s crops. Then I get the chance to rest, reflect and plan.

  3. Permanent seems better to me. Like a marriage, or a friendship, or a house built on a firm foundation. …… oh, I suppose it doesn’t have to be black or white. Sometimes temporary is good also. A permanent winter would be terrible here in Minnesota. Today was a breath air for us with sun and a temp in the forties. Winter is more than half done! The glass is half full. 🙂

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