Fruit or Vegetable?

Whether it is from your own garden, or the produce section of your local grocery store, would you rather eat a fruit or a vegetable?

Share why if you wish.

Fruit Or Vegetable?

3 thoughts on “Fruit or Vegetable?”

  1. Definitely vegetable. I’m a gardener, and each year I get to have a diversity of fresh produce picked and then immediately prepared for lunch, dinner, or dessert. A salad using greens I grew. Pasta or pizza sauce using tomatoes, onions, and herbs from one of my raised beds. Chocolate zucchini bread using zucchini that sprawled out in my garden. The list goes on …

  2. I adore a perfectly ripe heirloom tomato from my garden and I’m a huge fan of raspberries and strawberries. Then again, there’s nothing quite like a bowl of roasted Brussels sprouts or a perfectly dressed salad……I don’t think I could choose because I love both!

  3. This seems obvious to me. I prefer eating fruit 10 times out of ten. Although I will admit, in general vegetables are more filling.

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