4 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite Part Of Autumn?”

  1. My favorite part, I think, is the one-two combination of Halloween and Thanksgiving. They are my two favorite holidays, and I like that they come so close to each other.

    It also helps that my birthday is at the very start of the season!

  2. First of all, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. While COVID-19 will keep Rebecca and I from family dinners, I can still use the holiday as a reason to tell others why I am grateful they are in my life.

    I also like that clothing has more and roomier pockets.

  3. My first thought is I don’t have anything good to say about Autumn because it means my favorite seasons, Spring and Summer are gone. Minnesota is really beautiful this time of year, and the weather today was fantastic! And then for me I’m a life-long learner, at least I hope I am. Autumn means back to school, or at least learning something new. This is an election year, and I’m learning plenty about politics and advocacy work. I’m volunteering for a group called Faith in Minnesota and we’re making thousands of phone calls to get out the vote for our candidates. I encourage anyone reading this to vote and work to elect the candidates of your choice.

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