Thermostat or Sweater?

As the temperature continues to fall (in the Northern hemisphere), which happens first: putting on a sweater, or raising the thermostat?

Share why if you wish.

Thermostat Or Sweater?

6 thoughts on “Thermostat or Sweater?”

  1. Once the temps fall to a certain point, my body turns into an ice cube. I often spend time at home wearing a thick sweatshirt hoodie with the hood put up so thoroughly that you have to be looking at me directly to see my face. Sometimes I even put on a jacket or coat to help out some. And, I still have to turn up the heat!

  2. I don’t have a thermostat. We heat our home with a woodstove so, I put on a sweater and grab a blanket before going to the trouble of lighting a fire.

  3. We have floor heating and it takes a while to get that going. For the really cold winter days we have an extra wood burner but for the times in between I have a great selection of thick wool or fleece sweaters and blankets ……lots of blankets. One I pull out a blanket my dog Luke goes crazy, he loves cuddling under it with me.

    1. Great image of your pup wanting to cuddle and stay warm with you. Blankets rule … from some who is always cold.

  4. I love the feel of sweaters and sweatshirts and saving a bit of money is just a bonus…unfortunately others in my household do not feel the same…

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