Remote or In-Person?

You can interpret ‘Remote or In-person’ however you want. School, work, socializing? Which do you prefer? Which do you do?

Share why if you wish.

Remote Or In-Person?

4 thoughts on “Remote or In-Person?”

  1. For the next several months there should be little choice. Those who can work remotely should still. And I have to say, I am really enjoying not dealing with traffic to and from the office or to hurry to the next obligation. In addition, holding meetings seems both more efficient and even more participatory.

    That said, I miss going to a coffeehouse to slowly drink some quality java while thinking and writing outside the home. I also miss spending time at my favorite independent bookstore. Lastly, I know I’ll miss some of the aspects of the coming holiday season, especially Thanksgiving rituals.

    I agree with Lee. Even when we can go back to normal, more remote work should be part of the mix.

  2. In person. I have trouble communicating with people via phone and/or video chat because I rely heavily on body language to correctly interpret social situations, something that often doesn’t come across well with remote communication

  3. I’m an introvert and a night owl, so remote works great for me. It’s only socializing where I miss the in-person aspect.

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