Silly Or Serious?

Do you like events in your life to be on the serious side, or do you prefer them to be silly? Which one resembles you the most?

Share why if you wish.

Silly Or Serious?

1 thought on “Silly Or Serious?”

  1. Whenever possible and not completely inappropriate: silly.

    Case in point, in order to get a couple of legislators to act on an item, I once wrote this limerick (with the help of others) and hand-delivered it to the two decision-makers along with a long list of constituents who agreed to the sentiment:

    “There once were two suburban lawmakers,
    Who could be movers and shakers.
    Will they talk to the Gov?
    The Renters Credit needs love.
    Not to do it would be a mistakers.”

    I also almost always giggle when someone says “duty.”

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