Do You Have Subscriptions To Any Magazines?

Do your reading habits include magazines? And if so, do you have subscriptions to one or more?

Share why if you wish.

Do You Have Subscriptions To Any Magazines?

4 thoughts on “Do You Have Subscriptions To Any Magazines?”

  1. I used to have a subscription to Entertainment Weekly. I enjoyed keeping up on popular culture, from TV to book releases to music to movies to theater to video games and so on. After several years of that, I needed a break and I let my subscription lapse, and then I never got back into it.

    The only magazine I read regularly now is a magazine about comic books from the 70s and 80s (the era when I started reading comics back in the day). I don’t have a subscription, though.

    In general, I really like the idea of a magazine: a regular publication on a particular topic. I appreciate that you can have a magazine devoted to just about any esoteric interest you can imagine. I don’t like the advertising, although I understand that is the way many of them are able to stay in business and/or keep the cover price down.

    In my day, I’ve sampled a wide variety of magazines, including: pulp magazines of mystery or science fiction; science and technology; running, biking or triathloning; popular culture; news and current events; music; comic books and magazines about comic books; games and puzzles. Other than comic books, I haven’t really had many subscriptions.

    Even today, when I am shopping in a drug store, book store, or grocery store, if there is a magazine rack, I like to look over what is available. I lament that many of the newspaper/magazine stands in my area have recently gone out of business (even before the pandemic). I’m not sure how many of them are left.

  2. I have two subscriptions, the Atlantic and Civil War Journal. I’m behind on reading both of them. I guess that’s toddler life!

  3. I’ve had a subscription to The Atlantic for about a year and a half. The writing is excellent and in-depth. I also love the range of topics and current events it covers.

    I’m about half of a year into a subscription to The Nation. I don’t enjoy it as much as I did when I had a subscription a couple of decades ago. I will not be renewing it.

    Also on its way to an end is our household’s subscription to Entertainment Weekly, which still goes by that name even though it’s turned into a monthly magazine. We’ve had a subscription for years, but my interest in it has fallen steadily over time. I can get much better reviews of music and new streaming media of various types off of websites like “Metacritic.”

  4. I purchased a lifetime subscription to a gardening magazine. Had it for about 15 years and then the company folded. Haven’t had one since.

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