Winter Or Summer Olympics?

Do the summer sports, like swimming or gymnastics, appeal to you? Or do you prefer winter sports on snow or ice, like skiing or curling?

Share why if you wish.

Winter Or Summer Olympics?

5 thoughts on “Winter Or Summer Olympics?”

  1. I prefer more of the winter sports, so I’m going to vote Winter Olympics here. I guess that makes sense, since I spent so much time in northern Minnesota growing up.

    I guess that also partially explains why I didn’t watch any of the Olympics this year.

  2. I like the winter Olympics because the snow and ice allows people to defy gravity more, so you get to see people in the air, doing amazing things with their body. Now that there are BMX and skateboard summer events, events are becoming more interesting but winter still wins out. Plus, I don’t feel guilty staying inside to watch.

    1. That is an angle I’ve never before considered — that in the summer, you should be out taking advantage of the nice weather instead of sitting inside watching TV. But in the winter, particularly in Minnesota, you might be stuck inside anyway, so you might as well enjoy it be watching some cool sports.

      I’ll have to remember that excuse!

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