Breakfast: Grab-And-Go Or Sit-Down?

As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do you prefer to eat your food seated at the table, or do you eat in the car or on the run?

Share why if you wish.

Breakfast: Grab-And-Go Or Sit-Down?

4 thoughts on “Breakfast: Grab-And-Go Or Sit-Down?”

  1. I advocate sitting down, not just for breakfast, but for every meal.

    I understand the temptation is great to eat in the car while commuting to work. Hey, if you can trade five minutes at the kitchen table for five minutes of sleep, doing so in our sleep-deprived lives makes sense.

    However, I think something is lost when you try to eat lunch at your desk at work, while scrolling through emails, or grab bites of breakfast while navigating the highway. There’s something about eating meals that requires being in the now, being present in the moment, even if it is for just five minutes.

    With that said, I’m posting this while eating my breakfast, so even I’m not immune from trying (and failing) to multi-task.

  2. I’m not ordinarily a breakfast person, preferring instead to enjoy a big lunch when I’ve worked up a nice appetite. I do enjoy coffee though, first thing, and seated.

    1. I agree that sometimes I’m just not very hungry at breakfast time, even though it will have been something like 10 hours since I last ate. The human body is a mystery.

      We’ll have to diverge when it comes to coffee. I never developed a taste for the stuff. However, I can see the appeal, particularly on a crisp fall morning, of sitting quietly in the morning, sipping a warm beverage while it warms you from the inside and out.

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