Tall Or Short?

Are you tall, or are you short? Do you prefer things to be one or the other?

Share why if you wish.

Tall Or Short?

3 thoughts on “Tall Or Short?”

  1. In our society, height confers a certain level of respect, whether it is earned or not. It’s not fair, but that’s the way it is.

    1. This seems like a good place to share a story regarding height.

      When I was in college and just starting to date (I was a late bloomer), I found myself attracted to women who were roughly my own height (I’m 5′ 11”). A lot of women I knew, or even women I anecdotally heard about, were romantically interested in men who were taller — and generally larger — than they were.

      This caused me some trouble. I wanted to date women within an inch or two of my height, but women within an inch or two of my height all wanted someone several inches taller than me.

      I could never understand why this would be so. It baffled me why women would prefer someone bigger than they were.

      I finally got an answer — no doubt not the only one — when I dated a woman who was really into swing dancing, so much so that she would go dancing a couple of times a week. I had never done much dancing before, but I learned some basic moves so we could do something together. It was while watching couples dancing that I realized that many of the dance moves are designed to be most effective with the male partner larger and heavier, serving as a fulcrum for the lighter, shorter female.

  2. At 5’6″, I’m taller than average but I don’t consider myself Tall. My youngest son is what I would call Tall. He’s 6’4″ and still growing. That being said, I do prefer taller to shorter because it’s easier to reach the high places in the house, lol!

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