Is Value Intrinsic Or Relative?

Is the value of something inherent in that thing, or does it depend on the environment? Do I have value just for being me, or is my value relative to those around me?

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Is Value Intrinsic Or Relative?

1 thought on “Is Value Intrinsic Or Relative?”

  1. I think the very definition of “value” comprises relativity. “What is it’s value to you; to society; to the globe; to the universe.” There is nothing inherently valuable about a diamond to a gazelle. There’s no value in a piece of bacon to a fruitfly. And I as a person certainly am of no value to Vlad-the-Bad Putin, or anybody in Australia, but am of lots of value to my spouse, and if I’m lucky, even my children.

    Value itself is an entirely human concept.

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