Window Or Aisle?

On an airplane (or a bus, for that matter), do you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat?

Share why if you wish.

Window Or Aisle?

4 thoughts on “Window Or Aisle?”

  1. This one’s easy: when my partner is with me, I’ll take the window since I can climb over without guilt. Otherwise, I’ll take the aisle since I prefer the pseudo-freedom that gives.

  2. Window, for the same reason as Michael. Except my 5-year-old niece gets window priority when we travel together.

  3. When I was recovering from my accident, with a broken leg, I had to sit on the aisle, in order to be able to stretch out my leg.

    In general, though, I prefer the window. As others have mentioned, it is nice to have something to look at. But I also prefer being inconspicuous. So I get settled in, and don’t move. I even wait until most people deplane before I get off. That is easier from the window seat.

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