4 thoughts on “What Is The Nicest Thing Someone Has Said To You This Week?”

  1. I end most of my work emails with the line, “Do justice and stay snazzy!” I hear it often makes people smile, and new recipients of the message usually write me back and tell me how it brightened their day. One of those new recipients contacted me and said I needed to get t-shirts made with the phrase on them. I can’t tell you how happy that made me.

  2. I’m going to change the question to “What is the best thing someone said to you this week?” I was describing a “spat” I had with a family member in which I said something I had to apologize for later. The person listening to me told me the family member I treated poorly needed to be congratulated for standing up to me. I agreed and did just that.

  3. This is about a month over due. I was wondering if someone else would say or do something else as flattering as as this individual.
    One day someone said “Your glasses really highlight your eyes.”
    At the time I was experimenting with a bit of makeup. I was wonderful to hear that!
    My efforts paid off.

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