2 thoughts on “In Your Travels, What Has Been Your Favorite Tourist Attraction?”

  1. I’m not sure it counts, since it is in Boston, which is where I live. However, I’m going to say the Mapparium at the Christian Science Monitor in downtown Boston. It’s a giant stained-glass globe of the earth that you can walk inside. It’s really quite stunning, and the acoustics are super-cool!


  2. Two favorites:

    Last year, I traveled to Iceland and spent a little more than a week driving around Iceland’s Ring Road. While there were many highlights, topping my list was Seljalandsfoss. This 60-meter waterfall filled me with glee. With my water- and windproof shell and shoes covering my body and water-resistant phone/camera fully charged, I was ready for a good time. And I was going to have a record of it. This wasn’t only up to me. A boisterous group of friends right behind me saw that I wanted a few pictures of me, not just the falls. They encouraged me to exude joy as I was getting sprayed with mist. As you can walk behind this waterfall, they whipped me up for a similarly animated Michael to strike a power pose. I had fun, firstly because of the waterfall but also because I had a cheerleading crew demanding nothing less.

    In France, I loved going to the Chateau de Villandry and its beautiful gardens. Okay. I spent my whole time touring the gardens and taking pictures of the flowers, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees. It was a Michael dream come true.

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