Fireworks: Majestic Or Boring?

On the Fourth of July, do you attend a fireworks display every year? Or do you feel like if you’ve seen them once, you’ve seen them all?

Share why if you wish.

Fireworks: Majestic Or Boring?

6 thoughts on “Fireworks: Majestic Or Boring?”

  1. My opinion is closer to ‘boring’ than ‘majestic’ although I wouldn’t choose either one, exactly. I find it odd that we choose to celebrate the founding of our country by shooting off explosions, particularly ones with an origin in China.

    I’ve never really understood the use of fireworks at other times, either, like after (or before) sporting events, on New Year’s Eve, and so on.

    And my cats really hate them.

  2. Neither. I detest fireworks! They frighten pets and wildlife, pollute the environment, injure thousands and cause thousands of fires. They also negatively affect those who struggle with anxiety and PTSD, myself included.

  3. Cecily’s answer is spot on. Since the question was asked, I’ve been reading more about the impacts of fireworks. They are terrible.

    1. I agree. Our country spends over $2billion a year on fireworks. That money could be better spent on food or medicine.

  4. They’re beautiful and can be thrilling. My brother was working towards a professional pyrotechnics licence before he died, and I once got to help him build some. Very cool! Chemistry! Bang! (He loved pyrotechnics since an early age, even though he became a respectable Bio PhD.)

    That said, I no longer go out of my way to see them.

    However, the new stuff they’re doing with drone performances is even cooler. They’re electric, no explosions, but getting more crazy creative with each passing year. And they don’t terrorize children and animals and all the other negatives of true pyrotechnics. Probably will be cheaper, too, eventually.

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