How Can We Turn Ideas Into Actions?

I have plenty of ideas. In fact, I have so many ideas that it is often difficult to focus on just one. Or a plan seems so big that it can be overwhelming to try to accomplish. Or laziness gets the best of you and nothing ever happens.

There are many reasons why a plan might never come to fruition. But how can we avoid that fate and turn our thoughts into reality?

Related questions: Where do ideas come from? How can we be more productive?  How important is the repetition in our lives?

3 thoughts on “How Can We Turn Ideas Into Actions?”

  1. I think the best way to turn an idea into an action is to first turn an idea into a question. It doesn’t matter what kind of question — What would happen if? How do I go about doing? Why is it important that?

    Once you turn it into a question, you create a certain amount of dynamic energy around it. Your idea moves from being a statement about something — I should write a book, lose some weight, enroll in grad school. To a question that nags at your mind until you get an answer — What’s the best way to start writing? Why do I want to lose weight? How might my life change if I go to grad school?

    1. Thanks for commenting on this post, Dave. I really like the idea of turning an idea into an action by turning it into a question. I’m certainly going to try do that more often and see if it works. Do you have an example of how this has worked for you?

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