4 thoughts on “What Do You Think About When Out For A Walk?”

  1. It changes by the day and my mood. Here’s what I thought briefly about on my walk to work this morning:

    1) trips Rebecca and I have taken to France,
    2) how to improve upon my gardening skills,
    3) stupid and dangerous distracted drivers, and
    4) (no lie) wealth creation in low-income communities

  2. One day I was on a walk and I ran into one of my elderly neighbors, sitting on a little stool, resting. He told me the little grade we were ascending tired him out. (It was only about two blocks from our cul-de-sac.) He encouraged me to keep walking, like in use it or lose it.
    I often think how lucky I am to still be able to walk, play golf, do stairs, etc. I know so many people who can’t do these things.

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