What Do You Revere?

The positive emotions we associate with the people or things in our lives can vary quite drastically. We might feel love; we might feel fondness. Desire, kinship, envy, even respect. Beyond all of those feelings, however, lies a deep and powerful feeling of admiration bordering on worship: reverence.

The things we revere can tell us a lot about ourselves, about what we value and who we want to be.

For example, if your reverence is to a deity, you might be a deeply religious person, which can shape your social circle and your views on others. If you revere an idea, like equality, that might influence your political views and actions. Those with reverence for money might seek out high-paying careers.

It might seem illogical, but you can even revere irreverence. Someone who is an iconoclast, who bristles at authority or expectations of normality, irreverence may be held up above all else.

What do you revere?

To figure this out, you might think about what you have been drawn to your entire life. What books you read, what topics of conversation come up again and again. Think about what ideas resonate with you.

Do you think you share this with the people you spend time with, either your family, your friends, or your co-workers? How important is it that you revere the same things as the people around you? How important is it to find a group of people who revere the same things as you?

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2 thoughts on “What Do You Revere?”

  1. – I revere my marriage; it is the most important and most positive thing in my life.
    – I revere the 35 ft x 16 ft plot of land in my backyard as it gives life to my heirloom vegetable garden.
    – I revere the world’s seed savers. They preserve an important slice of the earth’s genetic diversity and may someday save us from a catastrophic food crisis.
    – I revere those who work of social, environmental, and economic justice. I try to live up to their examples as I too have devoted my career to making the world a better place.
    – I revere the earth. I try to demonstrate this reverence by wasting as little as I can and reducing my carbon footprint.
    – I revere humanity. Together, we have accomplished great things, and so much more is required of us now.

  2. My family (both blood and spiritual).
    My garden and those who sparked my interest in growing food as a young child.
    Those who taught me how to prepare meals from what I grow and how to preserve the excess.
    People who challenged me to look deeper into what I believe and think I know, to see past lies, inaccurate information and common misconceptions to find the truth.

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