8 thoughts on “Coffee Or Tea?”

  1. Coffee in the morning. One teaspoon sugar, one teaspoon chocolate syrup, splash of whole milk (in case you’re wondering how I take it! 😉)
    Iced tea with lemon in the afternoon

  2. Most days I choose coffee- early to midafternoon. (It’s not the worst habit I could adopt while living in France!) I’ve been known to switch to hot cocoa on particularly frustrating days….

  3. Without a doubt, coffee or espresso. And one must have good coffee, I think, to understand why it is such a good thing. Also, I actually get the uncomfortable caffeine buzz from tea, not coffee.

  4. Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon. Often Cris, bakes biscotti to go with my coffee. Yes, she spoils me. Not a bad thing after 51 years of marriage. I make the coffee.

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