First Or Last?

Would you rather be the first or the last person to get on a subway car? Speak at an event? Take a turn in a game? Get in line to board an airplane?

Share why if you wish.

First Or Last?

3 thoughts on “First Or Last?”

  1. Well, with my name – Zemke – I know a lot about being last. I graduated from undergrad in December of 1976. Of over 400 graduates, I walked the stage last. I generally don’t like the last place, but that day, the whole crowd clapped when I was shaking the University President’s hand. 🙂

    First on subway car, for sure!

  2. I grew up having an older brother who went first. I’d rather sit back and have someone else lead. He was an exceptional student, and so teachers sort of gave me a pass – they thought I was like him. He just had a birthday and I sent him a card thanking him for breaking a trail for me when we were kids.

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