Star Wars Or Star Trek?

Do you prefer one franchise over the other? What does your preference for Star Trek or for Star Wars say about you and your personality? Do you prefer a different franchise over either of them?

Share why of you wish.

Star Wars Or Star Trek?

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Or Star Trek?”

  1. I’ve been interested in both during my life, as my closet full of Star Wars figures and my collection of Star Trek videotapes will attest. I’ve never understood the societal need to pick one over the other. Why can’t people like both?

    Admittedly, the two are very different, even though both are science fiction. There have been many articles written about the differences, so I won’t go into too much depth here, but I will say this: Star Trek seems to excel examining ideas, puzzles, and dilemmas (which makes sense given the episodic nature of TV); Star Wars is, at heart, a sweeping saga of good vs evil, or, if you prefer, a story of redemption with large doses of action and adventure.

    Both have their place in our society and in our heads.

  2. Lee, why would you ask this?!? Are you *trying* to start a religious war?

    Star Trek.

    Up until the most recent spin-off (Discovery) each series writers primarily presented us with modern day morality plays, with the occasional lighthearted episodes. Starting with DS9 (influenced by Babylon 5) they also projected an entertaining multi-year long story arc.

    I’ve enjoyed the writing for most of the ‘canon’ Star Trek that I’ve seen (TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager).
    I’ve enjoyed the writing for about half of the Star Wars universe movies that I’ve seen.

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