iPhone Or Android?

For your smart phone, do you swear by an iPhone? Or is an android phone your choice? Is the difference important to you?

Share why if you wish.

iPhone Or Android?

2 thoughts on “iPhone Or Android?”

  1. iPhone. I’m a graphic artist and I’ve been working with macs for years so the iPhone caught my attention as it caught the entire industry’s attention. Several years passed before I purchased one. By that time it was still very far ahead of the competition but they were catching up fast. Development of the iPad fueled tablet sales overall and offered what did not at first seem to be anything really different from the iPhone. I’m on my second iPad now – an iPad Pro purchased just this week, in fact. iPads have been my “computer” of choice at home and has been for a few years now. I’m excited for the new iPad OS coming out this fall which finally takes a step forward to making iPads much more computer-like. Other platforms obviously have their own good features and different appeal, but I’m pretty locked in to the Apple platform at this point. Their prices are getting out of control and that has been my prime turn off of their products. I dread the thought of having to get a new iPhone due to the ridiculous price so hopefully mine lasts a few more years. It’s interesting to see the new developments all the platforms make year after year and how technology develops. I don’t see Apple as superior – their products have flaws just like everyone else’s. It just was the right fit for me when I entered into the smartphone/tablet world and I’ve grown comfortable with it.

  2. I agree with Jeff almost completely.

    I love my iPhone and the platform it is part of. I look forward to the big software updates and the wealth of apps for both the “computer” and the “mobile devices” (although the line between machines is blurring more over time).

    While I fake offense at those who use other devices and platforms, I quickly follow up my snootiness with questions about what their machines can do. I want to know what the competition is up to because (hopefully) that means Apple is not far behind.

    But as Jeff notes, switching platforms is not an option now. Or, at least, it would be a very expense switch to make.

    I hope the iPad Pro revolutionizes things, because I think the technology of the iPhone, and the Mac, and the competition has become stale. I’ve felt this way for quite some time. The computers and mobile devices get smaller and more speed and storage, but it feels like the all the changes are simply incremental now.

    I want something along the lines of changing how I listen to music to happen again, like iTunes did along with the various mobile devices that allowed you to take your music with you wherever you wanted to go.

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