Zoo Or No Zoo?

A zoo can be the first exposure that a person has to animals from around the world. This might make them more aware of the ecosystem and our place in it. Alternately, is it moral to take an animal from it’s natural habitat, and keep it in a small enclosure?

Is it better to have zoos or no zoos?

Share why if you wish.

Zoo Or No Zoo?

3 thoughts on “Zoo Or No Zoo?”

  1. Unless zoos are keeping animals from becoming endangered or extinct, I am against them. While I think it is very difficult for an enclosure to really capture an animal’s natural habitat, I believe zoos must keep this one of the primary objectives — certainly above viewing vantage points for human entertainment.

  2. My love of animals started by first seeing them in a zoo. I can still remember my fascination with the aardvarks, bats and scorpions in the night time exhibit. That being said, I’m for zoos as long as they meet certain criteria. Animals must have plenty of space and areas away from public viewing. The animals in them must not have been taken from the wild, unless it was neccessary, and be unable to survive in their natural environments. Finally, zoos must focus funds and efforts on conservation and education, not entertainment.

  3. I agree completely with Cicily. It totally depends on the zoo and their intentions.

    Many animals can not be returned to the wild– it would be dangerous for them. So they need a safe place to live. I’m glad there are places to go that educate the public and have the animals best interests at heart.

    I will say am very wary, to downright horrified and disgusted, by zoos and rescues that feature “animal interactions”. Pictures with dolphins, selfie with a monkey, wrestling with a lion… this is ALL against the animal’s nature and should not be allowed. If an animal is housed, our primary purpose (besides ensuring their safety) should be creating an environment and activities that most closely resembles where they’d live in the wild.

    That’s why at the Costa Rica rescue center, we do things like hide their food around their enclosure so they have to forage for it, not just give them a full bowl if food.

    And at the center, people are never allowed to take selfies with the animals. This promotes and glamorizes the evil practices of the exotic pet trade. People would see a person with a smiling with a sloth and think “Oh that’s so cute! I want a sloth!”

    I can go on and on… I learned a lot there, both by being there and through Ian.

    Bottom line: we can love animals and be endlessly entertained by them… But they are not here for our entertainment.

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