3 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Blood Pressure?”

  1. I couldn’t tell you my blood pressure without taking out my blood card and checking, nobody ever tells me it’s not OK so I forget about it until next time, every time. My wife on the other hand is obsessed with hers. She has an anxiety with lab coat in its name and her heart rate and blood pressure go way up when they put the cuff on her. We now have a cuff at our bedside (her side) and she takes it once every other night or so. In bed her blood pressure is remarkably low, lower than mine although I couldn’t tell you what the numbers are for either of us.
    Another metric where we’re the same way, glasses prescription. I have very little interest in what my eyesight numbers are while others can go on about it way too long. Hint for successful cocktail conversation with me, I care even less about your prescription than I do about my own.

  2. I can’t tell you what it is, but I had it taken last week and it was fine. How many medical numbers should we know off hand? I hope it’s not as many as the passwords we must remember!

  3. I track and save it all: blood pressure, daily weight, cholesterol levels (at least results from twice per year biometric screening). I save and compare all the things a blood test will tell me, and I get a pretty thorough blood test at least once a year (doctor’s orders due to the meds I take). Luckily, I am a physically healthy guy.

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