How Would You Spend Your Time During Self-Quarantine?

Most of us are keeping away from large crowds. Some will have to self-quarantine to avoid infecting others. How would you spend your time apart from the rest of the world?

Share why if you wish.

2 thoughts on “How Would You Spend Your Time During Self-Quarantine?”

  1. We are setting up and planting a larger garden to grow more food. It’s a lot of work but with 5 of us it goes fairly quickly. I’m also teaching my boys to cook more complex recipes and how to preserve food. In the evenings we watch TV, put together puzzles, have bible study, play video games and read.

  2. To begin, as with many people right now, I am practicing social distancing (in this case, working from home as much as possible). All meetings with my advocacy colleagues have become virtual ones. Most of my work/advocacy is taking place via email or social media.

    Now, if I got sick, and had to change my classification to self-quarantining, I binge watch “Better Call Saul,” catch up my cultural commentary magazine, The Atlantic, and explore new music even more than I do now.

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