Too Fast Or Too Slow?

When the world seems to be too fast, you might feel overwhelmed. Alternately, if everything is too slow it can be frustrating. Which one is more common?

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Too Fast Or Too Slow?

3 thoughts on “Too Fast Or Too Slow?”

  1. I hate being stuck behind someone going slower than I am, but in general I think our world moves too fast. We would all be well served to pause and take a deep breath every now and then.

    On a more specific note, I think most if not all public health officials agree we are are opening the economy too quickly (although that wasn’t specifically mentioned in this question).

    1. When looking at a geological timescale,it’s definitely going to slow. When looking at near term human extinction we’ve almost hit lightspeed.

  2. We are moving too fast. We invent and use technologies without putting much thought into the consequences of their use. We keep our lives busy— sometimes with unnecessarily reactive work. We rush so much we need to “escape” to warrant feeling relaxed.

    And, yes, we are reopening for business and play without observing that public health professionals are trying to warn us that the pandemic is still very much an issue.

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