What Masks Do You Have?

Masks are now a fashion statement. Since there are so many people making masks, they come in just about any design you might want. Perhaps a mask with a logo of your favorite sports team? Or your school’s colors? What is on your mask?

Share why if you wish.

Special thanks to Dave Anderson for the question.

4 thoughts on “What Masks Do You Have?”

  1. I’m a fan of solid colors. I’ve got a blue and a yellow one now. Two others should be delivered soon. I forget what colors they are.

  2. I have a maroon and gold mask from the U of M alumni association, a patterned home made mask from my mother-in-law, and a very basic baby blue one. I’m interested in getting a mask from my other alma mater, University of St. Thomas, when those become available. There are many others I’ve looked at but not picked up.

  3. 1. A mostly yellow tie-dye mask
    2. A blue star field mask that ties behind my head (most comfortable)
    3. A black star field pullover mask
    4. A black mask emblazoned “+3 Mask of Pandemic Resistance” (unfortunately very tight on my ears so I use it the least)
    5. A BLM mask from the Justice Squad

    A friend just tie-dyed a batch and is sending me a couple.

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