Ignorance Or Indifference?

Bad news is reported everyday, from public health to race relations to climate change. In your opinion, is the primary roadblock to progress ignorance or indifference?

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Ignorance Or Indifference?

2 thoughts on “Ignorance Or Indifference?”

  1. This is a tough one.

    It’s hard to argue with indifference. For example, about half of the eligible voters in America — almost 100 million — didn’t bother to vote in the 2016 election. Regardless of your politics, that is a shockingly high number.

    Even so, I’m going to go with ignorance. It may be naive, but I believe that most people would do the right thing, if they just knew what the right thing was. But our world is so full of misinformation, lies, spin, and contradictory evidence that they remind ignorant of the truth.

    As evidence, I present the fact that foreign powers are spreading misinformation (or ignorance). They are not exploiting our indifference.

  2. If people truly care — and I mean truly care — they speak out, they act. Yet so many people do neither on the tough issues of the day. In fact, I’d like to coin a new phrase, “willful indifference.” There are some people (not all, but a significant number) who want to hold on to their comforts, so they willfully ignore harsh realities.

    Important side note: Those who care, speak out, and act have the power change the hearts and minds of those who are ignorant or indifferent. Heartfelt conversations can be so meaningful.

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