5 thoughts on “Have You Seen Hamilton?”

  1. We saw the movie when it came out, nearly a month ago. We never had the chance to see the Broadway show. It was really great.

    I’m tempted to watch it a second time (possibly with Closed Captioning on!), because the lyrics come so fast and furious, it is easy to miss much of what is said/sung.

  2. I love Hamilton! I haven’t attended any live productions, but I’ve listened to the original cast recording uncountable numbers of times since it was released in 2016. I’ve also watched a bunch of officially (and unofficially) recorded clips, but its release on Disney+ was my first chance to officially see it. The weekend it came out, I watched it one and a half times. The second time, I stopped at the intermission

    I think recording a theatrical presentation in a cinematic style was a perfect approach and very much in keeping with the hybrid style of the play itself. It kept the clever staging of a play while bringing in some of the energizing techniques of a movie.

  3. Rebecca and I got our 2-week subscription to Disney+, of course, just so we could finally see Hamilton. I liked it so much, I may just the book — now that’s a commitment.

  4. I watched it for the first time (and the second and third) on Disney+. Originally I was enthralled by the pace, emotion, and over all production. The second time around I had researched more of the historical aspects and was able to follow the lyrics a bit closer. The third time I had read various articles pointing out “the best of Hamilton”; small details between each character noted in the production. Each time I was able to enjoy the production with more interest looking for each little inflection or historical reference.

  5. I shelled out mucho dinero to see it in a theatre when it came to Minneapolis. It definitely adds a new dimension to the soundtrack, which I’d listened to many times.

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