Hold Firm Or Compromise?

In some circles, compromise is a dirty word. Is it better to hold your position? Does it actually get you more than if you compromise? Or does compromise help you get better faster?

Share why if you wish.

Hold Firm Or Compromise?


1 thought on “Hold Firm Or Compromise?”

  1. Honestly, it depends on the situation and with whom you are dealing. In close personal relationships, compromise is most often the best route — if you don’t think you’re being used. In more formal negotiations, a mix of the two is often necessary. I’m not going to reveal too much about my approach as I am often in negotiations with decision-makers. It’s simply worth stating that you don’t want to cave too early. Timing really matters and depends a lot on your capacity to hold out before compromise becomes optimal. Another thing worth considering is how long you expect to be working with (or against) someone or an organization, and how you want them to relate to you in the future.

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