5 thoughts on “What Song Gets Stuck In Your Head?”

  1. My latest earworm has thankfully been a good one. I can’t get Willie Nelson and his daughter’s (Paula Nelson) version of “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” out of my head.

    Next (and still a good one) in line would be The Animals rendition of “House of the Rising Sun,” which, of course, feeds me many other versions to explore.

  2. When I stream a TV show, I don’t do the traditional “binge” watching, consuming several episodes in a row. Instead, I like to watch one episode per day.

    I find that often, the theme song for whatever show I am watching at the time runs around and around in my head, to the point that I wonder if there is something wrong with my brain’s wiring.

  3. I was visiting my sister and niece for Thanksgiving. My sister wanted me to take a picture and told my niece, “Stand by me.” That was enough to get the song stuck in my head. I sang the whole thing to my niece while pushing her on the swing.

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