Work Or School?

Some people take classes every chance that they get. I’ve known others who couldn’t wait to start working. Do you like work or school more?

Share why if you wish.

Work Or School?


2 thoughts on “Work Or School?”

  1. To be honest, I don’t particularly like either one, at least the way we practice them here in the United States.

    My experience in school has been one of stifling interest, not promoting it. In elementary school, my mother was shocked at my transformation over just a few months, from loving school to dreading school and not wanting to go.

    I love *learning*, and I do that now primarily through reading. I get to set my own pace, choose how to spend my time, etc. None of those things are true in modern school settings.

    Work can also be soul-sucking. I worked for years at a big, international-type corporation, and the constant push to earn ever more money, constantly emphasizing profit over improving society, was, frankly, awful.

    Again, I like the concept of having a purpose in life, one that gives meaning to your existence. But the current work structure seems so far from that, where worker’s rights, environmental concerns, and actual benefit to the public seems an afterthought to earnings reports and market share.

    I’ll give this one to school, I suppose. But both need to be improved significantly.

  2. I have been lucky enough to land myself a job that encourages continual learning and results in products that improve the lives of people all over the world. I am able to listen to talks about cutting edge science on a regular basis with no term papers to write! If I hadn’t landed in this profession, my answer might be school instead.

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