Saturday Night Live Or Monty Python?

When it comes to your comedy preference, do you prefer the absurdist British humor of Monty Python, or the long-running American institution of Saturday Night Live?

Share why if you wish.

Saturday Night Live Or Monty Python?

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Live Or Monty Python?”

  1. Here’s a fun one. I like SNL, and I particularly enjoy the fact that there are so many different eras and so many comedians that have been made famous over the years, from Gilda Radner to Chris Rock to Eddie Murphy to Kate McKinnon to Mike Myers to Phil Hartman to Kristen Wiig to Will Farrell to Tina Fey (and on and on).

    But I have to give the edge to Monty Python. Tremendously funny (even if I don’t get all the 1970s British references) and so remarkably influential.

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