Planes, Trains, Or Automobiles?

As the country emerges from the pandemic, and warmer summer weather encourages traveling, how do you plan to travel? Via planes, trains, or automobiles?

Share why if you wish.

Planes, Trains, Or Automobiles?

2 thoughts on “Planes, Trains, Or Automobiles?”

  1. While I sure can’t wait until I get in an airplane for international travel next year, and I love being able to get somewhere local faster in a car, the truth is I find both those modes of travel physically constricting and nerve-racking. I feel most comfortable physically and with regards to safety on a train. And, given the time, I do like just sitting on a train watching the scenery go by.

  2. I like traveling by car. It gives me the opportunity to deviate from the plan. If I see an interesting place to stop or a side road I want to explore, in a car I can.

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