3 thoughts on “Do You Keep Lists Of Your Favorite Things?”

  1. I don’t actually write out a honest to goodness list, but I have an unofficial hierarchy in my head.

    For example, if someone mentions a TV show I like, I might say something like, “That’s one of my top ten favorite shows from the last decade.” Even though I’ve never actually made such a list.

    There is also a part of me that realizes that any such list is constantly changing and is never finished. A list I make today of, say, comic book artists might be different from the same list I would have made ten years ago. Not only are there new artists to consider, but my tastes and interests have changed.

    In that regard, making an actual list is futile. But I freely admit that favorites lists are tremendously fun to think about, discuss, and argue over.

  2. favorite songs (several hundred songs on it), favorite live performances of songs posted on YouTube, favorite books, favorite television shows of all time

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