8 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite One-Hit Wonder?”

    1. This is an excellent choice. Author Daniel Keyes wrote a few other novels, but nothing so utterly devastating as Flowers For Algernon. The main character of Charlie Gordon is unforgettable.

      1. Totally agree. “Devastating” and “unforgettable” are perfect descriptors.

        And I’d say Keyes probably does qualify as none of his other novels came close to being a hit, IIRC.

  1. As a fan of both new-wave techno music and science, I’ll go with Thomas Dolby’s 80s hit She Blinded Me With Science.

    However, I admit this may be a bit of a cheat, as Dolby has released a Greatest Hits collection, which contains more than just this one song. But invariably, this is the one song the average person knows from Dolby, so I think it will count.

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