Stick-Shift Or Automatic?

People tend to be very passionate about their automobiles. This is not a surprise, since we spend so much time in our lives driving or being driven from one location to another. Regarding cars, what is your preference: a stick-shift, or an automatic vehicle?

Share why if you wish.

Stick-Shift Or Automatic?

2 thoughts on “Stick-Shift Or Automatic?”

  1. I was just telling a co-worker yesterday that they will pry my cold dead hands from the stick shift of my car. I feel much more in control of my driving with a manual. I know this makes me a dinosaur, especially as electric vehicles increase market share.

  2. Hi Lee,

    I’ve had stick shift cars for 35 years until last year. I definitely miss the feeling of direct engagement with the car that only a manual transmission can provide. However as cars become more automated and some electric, it’s disappearing. Though what is much more frustrating than the loss of stick are the increasing sizes of the monster SUVs and pickups that disproportionately are involved in pedestrian injuries and deaths. Look forward to your next question on ebike vs pedal bike. 🙂

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