Safety First Or Caution To The Wind?

Are you the type of person who looks before you leap? Or do you throw caution to the wind?

Share why if you wish.

Safety First Or Caution To The Wind?

2 thoughts on “Safety First Or Caution To The Wind?”

  1. Definitely safety first for me. I’m very risk averse — probably more than is best for growth. I’m struggling to take more chances, but it can be quite difficult to convince myself that good things will come from risky behavior.

  2. By nature, I’m a cautious person. However, sometimes when I’ve thrown caution to the wind, I’ve made incredible progress towards my goals of achieving housing justice. For example, without shame, for a whole legislative session, I once wore a costume of a building in major disrepair to successfully advance (with many others) a major increase in the amount of money the state invested in affordable housing. Or, there’s the time I ushered about 350 youth into a hearing room filled with state legislators and scores of professional lobbyists to effectively make the demand that more money be devoted to the needs of homeless youth.

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