Sports: Watch Or Participate?

If you are going to a sports event of some kind, are you more likely to watch or to participate in the game?

Share why if you wish.

Sports: Watch Or Participate?

2 thoughts on “Sports: Watch Or Participate?”

  1. For the most part, my sports-playing days are behind me, I think.

    I used to be the captain of a softball team; I have run in 5Ks, half-marathons, and marathons; I played broomball in college; I have competed in several triathlons.

    Now, I do some activities for recreation (primarily biking, of course) but I don’t do it in order to compete. I don’t find the competition aspect very rewarding.

  2. I prefer participation to watching. I’m a life-long golfer (over 60 years now). The walking, the fresh air, the socializing, to me are more enjoyable than sitting on the couch watching tv. I almost never attend sporting events in person, unless it’s watching the Cubs play baseball in Wrigley Field.

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