Left-Brain Or Right-Brain?

Are you more of a left-brain thinker (logical, organized), or right-brain (spontaneous, creative)?

Share why if you wish.

Left-Brain Or Right-Brain?

3 thoughts on “Left-Brain Or Right-Brain?”

  1. I used to be a strict, left-brain guy. But then a major life event in my mid-30s rocked me to my core. I became right-brained, and creativity just came oozing out of me. Does that make any sense? Nope. But it happened.

  2. BRAIN SIDES when corpus collosae are the membrane in between interests me more. In FASD the corpus collosae are small, misplaced, thin or missing entirely. Imagine that brain where cells commit cell suicide before birth due to alcohol exposure. This is now called fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. These brain cells then which do land where they were sent to do their work have to play catch up while expecting mom is resting, sleeping, (read not drinking). Imagine ~ once born ~ how hard a person with FASD must work to hope to accomplish their daily trials and tribs with cells in the noggin working extra hard to make up for gap and scatter. The brain works harder, the cells work harder; the person struggles harder and signals which should pass from one side to the next across the corpus collosum are blocked, mislaid, lost, confused or ineffective. Whether it is right or left brain which tells us don’t drink when pregnant it is both brain sides which must insist if at risk to become pg don’t drink and if drinking do not be at risk of pg, Tell your friends.

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