Primary Or Secondary Colors?

Do you like red, yellow, blue (i.e. primary colors)? Or are you more of a green, purple, orange kind of person?

Share why if you wish.

Primary Or Secondary Colors?

3 thoughts on “Primary Or Secondary Colors?”

  1. I’m definitely more into primary colors, and in general I think they look better on me. I particularly like red — I think I have more red items of clothing than any color (other than black).

    Although I am very fond of purple. It may be my favorite color overall. Still, I think I lean to primary.

  2. Years ago, I remeber reading an essay that pointed out that in general, comic books, which originally were aimed at children, uses a color scheme that emphasizes primary colors for heroes and secondary colors for villains.

    That means, for example, that you have Iron Man with his red and yellow armor, Batman’s blue suit, Superman’s red and blue, Spider-Man’s red, and so on.

    Then you’ve got Spider-Man foe the Green Goblin, Lex Luthor originally wore a purple jumpsuit, and the Joker is often depicted sporting a purple tuxedo.

    This rule isn’t 100% true, of course. The Hulk, for example, is green. Although it can be argued that the coloring highlighted the anti-hero nature of his character.

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