Parents Or Grandparents?

When you were young, did you enjoy time with your parents or your grandparents more? If you are older, do you enjoy be a grandparent more than being a parent?

Share why if you wish.

Parents Or Grandparents?

2 thoughts on “Parents Or Grandparents?”

  1. Sadly, neither. Our parents neglected us to handle their own difficulties, and I barely knew our grandparents. But I liked being with the Au Pair we had.

  2. I only had one grandmother involved in my life as a child (the other lived in New Jersey, and both grandfathers had died by the time I was three). But I definitely enjoyed my time with her more than living with my parents. And from what I’ve seen with my niece, both my parents are/were better as grandparents. (Okay, so I still have some upbringing issues…)

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