4 thoughts on “What Basic Skill Have You Never Learned?”

  1. My hand-eye coordination sucks and prohibits me from doing many things proficiently and efficiently. This is manifested with great frustration when I try to hammer in nails. (Many a bashed finger.) The second runner-up regarding my sucky coordination is catching a ball. (My chin and nose have taken plenty of hits.)

  2. I’ll go with typing. I never took typing in high school, despite the fact that I could have. With the amount of typing I have done in my life, it would have been quite useful.

    Over the years, of course, I have evolved my own typing style. While it is not quite hunt-and-peck — that would take far too long — it doesn’t quite manage the efficiency of trained typists. Every so often I will purposefully take my eyes off the keyboard and I can still type most of the words just fine — my muscle memory of the location of the keys is pretty good. Still, overall I am slower and less efficient than I could be.

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