2 thoughts on “What Experiences Have You Had That Are Difficult To Describe?”

  1. The happiness I feel being married to Rebecca.
    Parachuting out of an airplane.
    Completing my first marathon.
    Smelling a tomato plant after it rains.

  2. For me, I’d say it is difficult to fully describe the joy I get from biking. In particular, my cross-country bike trip was so wonderful. I can tell stories about things that happened to me while I was on the journey, but there seems to be no way to capture what it was actually like.

    Pictures are wonderful reminders of the trip, but they serve mainly to prod the memory to partially relive the experience, rather than to capture even a fraction of the experience.

    By the way, that’s my theory about why people love to show pictures from their vacations, and why others often find those pictures boring. To the traveler, the pictures are a reminder of the greater experience. To the viewer, they are still images like you can see in any book or online at any website.

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