Internship Or Volunteer Experience?

Which do you think is more valuable, an internship, or volunteer experience? Have you done either one?

Share why if you wish.

Internship Or Volunteer Experience?

2 thoughts on “Internship Or Volunteer Experience?”

  1. Choose to do an internship. A quality one provides a student with a sense of the community they will be working in as well as the norms and values of the profession they are exploring. A trusting relationship between the student and supervisor is a must as they decide on a valuable project/contribution the student will make to an organization’s advancement of its mission.

  2. It totally depends on your needs. If you want to gain experience for a future job, an Internship would seem best (though I’ve never done an Internship). But if you just want to help, learn new things for fun, get out of the house, etc… volunteering is great. I’ve done a fair bit of volunteering

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