Why Is It Better To Watch A Sporting Event Live Rather Than Recorded?

Live sporting events have a certain thrill that comes from not knowing what is going to happen. Each year, the Super Bowl has a huge TV audience during the live broadcast, but outside of fans of the winning team, there is much less desire for recordings of past Super Bowls.

Why should that be? Where does that thrill come from? Why is it better to watch a sporting event live rather than recorded?

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1 thought on “Why Is It Better To Watch A Sporting Event Live Rather Than Recorded?”

  1. Watching the Super Bowl is an event that is usually planned as a party. We do a football board, smoke ribs and decorate the event space. For me it is something I look forward to regardless which teams are in it. Otherwise, other sports I prefer to record so I can go about my business and watch at my convenience. I have limited days off and if the weather is nice I would rather be outside.

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