When Do You Need Inspiration?

An artist, like a painter, a sculptor, or a musician, sometimes has a muse that provides inspiration for artistic creations. But everyone can occasionally benefit from having a person, an idea, a motivational speech, or a stirring piece of music to encourage perseverance or creativity in everyday life.

When — it can be a time of day, a state of mind, a period of life — do you need inspiration?

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5 thoughts on “When Do You Need Inspiration?”

  1. I need inspiration in the winter.

    When writing during the colder, darker months, I have to do more brainstorming and editing. A final product takes a lot longer to reach than when the side of the world I live on is alive.

    I have a wonderful camera. But in the winter, when it hurts to go outside, I can’t think of anything I’d want to take a picture of.

    In the winter I spend hours looking out my bedroom window. I try to imagine what my garden’s raised beds will look like as my heirloom plants grow. But it’s so much easier to do such matters when the soil is warm, and I can draw lines with my fingers and square off where this and that will go.

    My creative energy is nearly sapped in the winter. Yep. That is when I need inspiration.

  2. Inspiration typically isn’t a problem for me. I always have a slew of ideas floating around in my head ready to be put into action. My problem is creative outlet. Like Michael, winter is a challenge for me. Though our winters are mild, they are dark and very wet. The dreary weather saps physical and emotional energy, so even though I am full of ideas, I am unable to make them realities.

  3. I often need inspiration when I feel I’m in a rut. I agree with Cecily and Michael that winter is a difficult time in this respect. I’m drawing the same pattern over and over, from home to work and back again. The usual chores take up my time at home, and the pleasures of going outside are denied. Breaking out of the rut somehow helps my creative impulses to break free. It’s no coincidence that whenever I’m coming home from a vacation, I am overflowing with ideas and ambitions. That potent elixir of new places, new experiences, and unstructured time to soak them up is exactly what I need. If that’s not possible, a day full of museums, concerts and/or new restaurants can help recharge me. And if it gets above zero, going outside and connecting with the natural world will always inspire me.

  4. I need inspiration this morning, now!. I tend to forget that God is here, breathing his Spirit into me. (I think the word “inspire” has Latin roots that mean to breathe).

    When I sit too long, (like right now), I need some inspiration. Once I get moving, I’m ok. Deep breathing helps. My yoga class reinforces this, and I always leave class feeling more alive.

    Thanks for asking.

    1. ps. Last fall my wife got me a down-filled parka that makes me feel like taking on Minnesota winter. (along with some long underwear). So now, if I can avoid slipping on the ice, I can get out and enjoy the sound of my boots crunching on snow. I also get a sense of satisfaction knowing some homeless person is keeping warm with my old parka. (also down-filled).

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